Did You Plug it IN? – PHD068

Did You Plug it IN?


News and Articles

Move over Millennials, Seniors Are Discovering Podcasting, Too


Howard Stern (again)


38 podcasts so meta…



Inverted Audio problem


Thanks to Daniel J. Lewis from The Audacity To Podcast for helping me figure out what was wrong.

I *THOUGHT* I had the portable recorder problem figured out.   I bought a new cable and the plug end for the 3.5mm makes it so it doesn’t go in the socket all the way (Size does matter I guess:) ).  Anyway, it gave me a mirror effect left to right.  SO when it is played on a mono speaker (iphone, ipad and others) the left cancels out the right.

***UPdate! It wasn’t the cable after all.

It was the setting on my recorder for Mic Type.  It was set to Stereo and to fix it, I had to set it to Mono.  Ugh!


Tech Support – Did you plug it in?  


Why those of us in Tech Support ask the simple questions first.




Blubrry Announcements of the week


PowerPress supports in Feed fundraising links for certain apps http://www.powerpresspodcast.com/2015/11/04/powerpress-podcasters-can-now-crowdfund-their-podcast-directly-to-subscribers/


Clammr Player Plugin integration with PowerPress.  http://www.powerpresspodcast.com/2015/11/16/clammr-wordpress-plugin-supported-by-powerpress/


Blubrry Partners with Trition with a private plugin for Blubrry Pro customers for Ad management.



Appendipity  themes player bug in PowerPress 6.2 which caused some themes issues with the player.  Angelo is working on releasing  PowerPress 6.2.1 as I record on Friday.  Should be out Friday evening so if you are having player troubles with your theme, it will be fixed SOON.. Update your PowerPress whenever it’s updated.

***update, I’m testing 6.2.1 now and it should be out tonight (11/20/15)


Support the show..

See everything on the left sidebar of the site (in a computer browser).

Podcasting While Driving? Repost – PHD067

Had some trouble encoding this one for some reason. *** Update! It works now thanks to Daniel J. Lewis from Audacity to Podcast figuring out what was wrong with the file. I figured out WHY it was wrong and fixed it :)

Let me know if this one works for you :)


From the road.. Short version of Podcast Help Desk this week.

I go over my mobile setup and talk about safety while podcasting and driving.

For those who want to map this, I was on M-32 (Michigan Highway 32) between Atlanta and Hillman MI.

See you next week with news, views and reviews about podcasting!

***Warning*** Don’t try this at home! Podcasting while driving can be dangerous. ***

This Ain’t Radio! – PHD066

radioNaPodPoMo 2015

Hello to listeners Peter DeMott from http://www.equinephotographerspodcast.com/ and Lester Graber from Texas. Thanks for listening guys!

Rob Walch from Libsyn said some very nice things about me on the latest episode of The Feed – Thanks Rob! (Around the 1:07:00 mark)


That Ain’t Radio! – A Dinosaur speaks out about podcasting

http://www.radioink.com/article.asp?id=2991720&spid=24698 (article by Fred Lundgren )


Blubrry Tip of the week

Adding a second podcast to your wordpress site.

Be OK with mixed up stats
did I say use CHANNELS!

You can have a podcast about anything!

Secure and backup your Podcast Website! – PHD065

phd300_2014First thing. I want to say THANKS to Steve and Dave Lee from Modern Life Podcast Network for the opportunity to have Podcast Help Desk there as a trial. We decided that PHD wasn’t really a good fit for the network as I’m promoting my own stuff and I wasn’t so much a part of the network as the other shows there. That being said, I enjoyed being affiliated with MLN. So much so, I’m re-starting a long-dead show which will be on MLN fully. Geek of the North will be on MLN starting next week. Steve and I did a little intro show to get the feed started over there. I still have the domain name so I pointed it at the network page where it will live. Check it out over at GeekOfTheNorth.com


Google Play is now taking submissions of podcasts to go into the google play store and their podcast listening app that will be coming out in about 4 months. (YES, 4 Months). So no hurry, but check it out if you want to submit your RSS feed to them. http://g.co/podcastportal

Soundcloud: Something is happening over there and I don’t really know if it’s incompetence or just plan old dirty pool, but, for some reason, they are changing the links to people’s media files in their feeds. I had a podcaster who was using powerpress for her podcast and using soundcloud as a media host. All of a sudden, with no warning, her media file links all changed. That broke her podcast. We figured it out. I’m not sure, but it seems as though Soundcloud is trying to push everyone using them for hosting back to using the feed that soundcloud owns, not your own feed. Yet another reason to use a PODCAST media host like Blubrry.com.

NMX – Rick Calvert has been heard from. He sent an email to everyone that had a VIP ticket telling them that he just checked out for a while, and is now back. We still don’t know if NMX is coming back next year. I hope so, as it’s a great place to hang out with a bunch of podcasters in one place.



I had a bit of a scare this week as I was moving everything back to podcasthelpdesk.com from modern life podcast network. I deleted the folder on my webhost by accident. I then realized that I had not been backing up my wordpress database!! Well, Good thing is, my database lives somewhere other than the folder that PHD’s website was in. After contacting my webhost, they told me about “history mode” in the file manager. So I went back a day and restored the folder, but it made me think of both security and backing up. So, here is a list of the things I do at PHD to keep it secure and backed up:

Plugins I use for security in wordpress:

Disable XML-RPC I’m not really sure of the geeky reason this is important but it does eliminate another way your wordpress can be hacked. It’s enabled by default in wordpress now. Read more about it here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XML-RPC

Limit Login Attempts This simply limits the login attempts so that a brute force attack can not work on your login.

Rename WP-Login.php This lets you change the login page to anything you want. NOTE: it says it’s not maintained but it works fine.

For backup I do 2 things.

I manually backup the folder where my wp install lives. I do this once a month or so. This saves the files and whatnot, but not the database. Not sure it’s needed, but from now on I’m doing it.

WP-DB-Backup by Austin Matzko – This is a Plugin. I have this run once a week and email me a backup of the database to a gmail account. That way I have a recent database backup. this is in case I have to reinstall wordpress. Then I can copy my wp-content and everything back in and be back up and running quickly.


Blubrry Tip of the week

Get your RSS feeds into the blubrry directory. Especially if you host with blubrry.


Launch strategy 101.

You will hear from some so-called Podcast Gurus that you need to launch with at least 5, 10, 15 episodes (Whatever the number) so you can get into iTunes New and Noteworthy (sorry Dave, He just threw up a little bit in his mouth).

THIS IS NOT TRUE! In fact, it’s a LIE!

Truth is, those who tell you this do not have a clue how this all works. iTunes podcasting works like this. When a new subscriber subscribes to a feed, they get the LAST episode posted. Not all episodes posted. So, if you launch with, let say 8 episodes, your new subscribers will get the 8th episode in your feed. Not all 8 and not the first episode, but the LAST episode. That still equals 1 download (not 8). Now there will be some people that will go back and download 1-7, but not very many.

…. Stepping off my soapbox.


Check out my other podcasts at mikedell.com and geekofthenorth.com

Rob Walch from Libsyn and Today in IOS – PHD064

This is the final in my “Podcast Guru” interview series. Today I have Rob Walch. He is the creator of Podcast411 (one of the first podcasts about podcasting) and the host of the very popular Today in IOS show. He is also the VP of Podcaster Relations at Libsyn.com.

rob-walchWe had a very good conversation. (only half of it made the show)

If you want to get a hold of Rob, you can email him at rob@libsyn.com

You can also hear him on:
Today in IOS
The Feed

He is the producer (and proud dad of Porter) of “Porter’s Podcast”

“Normal” show next week. Get your questions in for the Podcast Help Desk!

No Episode this week – Converge South 2015


I will not have an episode this weekend. I’m flying to Winston-Salem, NC to do a podcasting lab at the Converge South 2015 conference.

The lab will go through the basics of starting a podcast including taking a wordpress site from nothing to a fully iTunes (and other podcast directories and apps) Compliant RSS feed using the Powerpress Plugin.

I’m thinking they may record this, but if not, it’s the same stuff I talk about all the time on PHD, only in condensed form.

You will get a kick out of the demo site I’m putting up (Which I will link to later as to not spoil the surprise). It’s a site i’ve used in the past as a fictional podcast site :)

I’m looking forward to the conference and to meeting the people, in person, that I’ve been talking to about this event.

If you happen to be in the area, think about going to Converge South (Ticket info on their page).

See you NEXT week for another Podcast Help Desk!

Host, Producer and chief bottle washer at Podcasthelpdesk.com

Todd Cochrane, CEO of RawVoice / Blubrry – PHD063

I was on the Powerpress Podcast this week. Listen to that here: http://powerpresspodcast.com

I’m going to be speaking at Converge South 2015 at Wake Forest University next Friday. There will likely NOT be an episode.

This episode is a bit Blubrry Heavy (as you can imagine)


toddI got a chance to have a conversation with Todd Cochrane who is my boss at Rawvoice / Blubrry. Todd is a hall of fame podcaster, CEO of Rawvoice Inc (parent company of blubrry.com) and executive producer of Geek News Central (which I write for and will have a new show on coming soon!).

You can follow Todd and GNC on Twitter @geeknews and find his main website at GeekNewsCentral.com


Use Promo code HELPDESK at checkout for a free month of anything blubrry.com sells.

Rob Greenlee from Spreaker.com – PHD062

International Podcast Day

I was on WKLT in Traverse City talking about International Podcast day. I Opened for Paul Stanley of KISS :)

IPD was trending worldwide at #1 on Twitter for a few hours on the 30th.

Steve Lee was in the New York Times!


I will be on the Powerpress podcast (the official Blubrry podcast) next week. If you want to check out our REbooted podcast over at blubrry, check out PowerpressPodcast.com


Rob Greenlee – Head of Content at Spreaker.com
Host of Spreaker Live Show at http://spreakerliveshow.com/


Blubrry Tip of the week.

Even if you are not interested in using blubrry hosting or statistics, you should really get listed on blubrry.com’s directory. It’s easy, free and it gives you another place on the net to be found and seen.

What makes blubrry’s directory different is that they are the ONLY directory on the web that encourages you to subscribe via something other than their platform. With a blubrry listing, it encourages your listeners to subscribe to YOUR rss feed, not ours.

Technology of podcasting