File Formats for podcasting and Geezers – PHD031


The Old Podcasting Geezer here :) See Quick Hits 1 for that story.

File format
mp3 for Audio and mp4 for Video. Other formats have limitations.

Audio formats other than mp3 that will work (sort of)

  • m4a/AAC works on Apple devices, Android and most PC software. May not work on Microsoft Phones, Blackberry or other media players (mostly older ones)
  • Ogg/vorbis – Mostly a linux / open source thing.
  • WMA (Windows Media) Works with Microsoft products/software. (Not recommended for podcasting)
  • .wav, flac and formats like that will not work (and are many times larger files than mp3)
  • Bottom line, Use MP3. I suggest either 64kbps Mono or 128kbps Stereo encoding @ 44.1khz. At 128 Stereo, you get about 1mb a minute of audio. At 64 mono, you get about 2min per mb.

    Video Formats other than mp4 that will work (sort of)

  • M4V This is Apple’s version of mp4. It’s almost identical to mp4, other than it adds extra “stuff” for iPads, iPhones, AppleTV and iTunes.
  • Ogg Theora. This is the Linux / Open Source video format.
  • FLV This is flash video. Not great for podcasting. It used to be good for websites, but will not work on iThingys or android (most of them)
  • WebM (VP8) This is Google’s supported HTML5 video format. Hasn’t really gotten too much traction but if you are doing video, it’s not a bad idea to make a version of your show in this format for supported browsers.
  • Bottom Line, Use mp4. (with maybe a webm/vp8 version for the player on your website) Encode using h264 and AAC audio.
    .MOV and mpeg files will not work.


    Blubrry Tip of the Week – Service Settings and Program Listing settings

    I don’t know how many times I get someone that asks me a question that requires me to look at their feed and when I look at their listing, they didn’t include that in the settings. It causes a few back and forth emails that could be avoided.

    The other reasons for having your “Service settings” and “Program Listing settings” filled out:

    Your listing won’t be populated unless you give us your feed address. It’s kind of pointless to be listed and have nothing there.
    People that use “smartcast” (Which is a lot) won’t be able to subscribe to your show in that feature.
    Your show will not be included in the Set Top Box and Android Blubrry App

    The Service settings let our system know if you are going to be using the provided website and feed (Yes, you can do that but it’s not recommended) or if you are on your own WordPress Blog using powerpress. These settings customize the menus you see at in the manage account area and tell us in support how you are setup. You will get much quicker service if you do this.

    Service Settings (hosting users only)

    The 3 selections you have there are:

    • 1.Publish from your own WordPress blog with PowerPress plugin
    • 2. Publish from Blubrry to homepage provided by Blubrry
    • 3. Publish from Blubrry to your own blog

    *** Do not use the 3rd option unless you REALLY know what you are doing. It has to do with the “Meta WebLog API” which *almost* nobody uses.

    Program Listing settings

    These are just simple info about your podcast. The RSS Feed URL and you iTunes listing URL. (basic stuff) and the Category you want your blubrry listing to be in and the Parental rating. There is more things here if you are going to be using Blubrry’s feed (again, not recommended) where you can put your artwork and a few other settings.

    Even if you don’t use for anything, it’s a good idea to have your show listed in the blubrry directory (Explore Page).


    Use the promo code “nobs” for a free month of podcast hosting at any level at

    The promo code also works for blubrry premium

    Blubrry Media Hosting statistics 1 month free by using the promo code nobs.


    Be Everywhere?

    As Paul Colligan said on his show “The Podcast Report” (paraphrasing). We as podcasters shouldn’t get all wrapped up in how our listeners listen. We should be in the business of providing every way they would want to consume our content. That’s why it’s a good idea to “Be Everywhere” (which I will credit Pat Flynn for saying first).

    Of Course, iTunes, the 800lb gorilla. Sticher, the 400lb monkey :) are a given. But what about other platforms?

    Here are a few right off the top of my head that you may want to be listed in. (if you are a Tech related, family safe show)
    blackberry (yes, people still have these)
    Soundcloud (as a second point of presence)
    and MANY MORE

    Am I a Podcast Geezer?!?


    In a word, yes!

    Daniel J. Lewis in The Audacity to podcast episode 199  did a review of Audello and before he did, he talked about us Podcast Geezers being stuck in our ways.

    Well, it’s true, I admit it ::  I’m a podcast Geezer.  I think my way is the best way to podcast (for me and as many people as I can convince) . Do I think that will always be the case?  No.  Do I see it changing anytime soon. Maybe, but Audello isn’t really it (just from what I know now).

    I’m thinking we should have T-shirts made up for the New Media Expo for us “Geezers”.

    Happy Podcasting!

    News from Apple’s Podcast Team and Jazz – PHD030


    What do you think of the new Music? I was thinking that Jazz might be more my style. I have a kind of relaxed delivery, and a more relaxed theme song might work. Let me know. As with most things about podcasting, everything is changeable.

    From Last Week:

    I got a note from Paul Figgiani who was THE Senior Audio Engineer at IT Conversations. He was commenting about the audio loudness standards and knows a metric TON about this stuff. I’m hoping to convince him to come on the show and talk about it some more. It would also be fun to talk to him about the Podcasting World of 2004. He was there from the beginning (maybe even before the word “podcast”).


    Even the US Air Force uses the WordPress 2014 theme! (see: If it’s good enough for them, it’s good enough for podcasters.

    Along those lines:

    If your website is existing and you want to add podcasting. If you require a complicated wordpress theme or are on a different platform.

    Build a landing page. A separate wordpress install for your podcast in either a sub-domain or a sub page. This way you can use powerpress and all the other standard plugins for your podcast.


    Scam Alert:

    Not podcast related, but, Maybe? FYI Windows Users: Microsoft will NEVER call you on the phone about a virus. If you get a call from someone at phone number 949-000-7677, just hang up. Or do like I did, and said “Oh really, My Mac has a virus?” They hung up on me


    News from Apple’s Podcast Team:

    Dear Podcast Provider,
    To improve your experience with podcasts, we’ve introduced the following updates and features:
    · Podcasts App Included in iOS 8
    · Updated Cover Art Requirements
    · iTunes Affiliate Program
    · Custom Episode Sequence
    Podcasts App Included in iOS 8
    The Podcasts app is now included in iOS 8. To help you reach this larger audience more effectively through search and browsing, be sure your podcast’s metadata and cover art meet Apple’s technical specifications.

    Updated Cover Art Requirements
    To submit your Podcasts to the iTunes Store, you must have cover art of at least 1400 x 1400 pixels in the RGB color space and in the JPEG or PNG file formats. Additionally, the server hosting your cover art image must allow HTTP HEAD requests.

    iTunes Affiliate Program
    The Podcasts app now supports HTML links in podcast and episode notes. This new option also supports iTunes affiliate links. The iTunes affiliate program allows you to track downloads of free items and earn commission on items purchased by customers, including on the iTunes Store, App Store, and iBooks Store.
    Learn more about the iTunes affiliate program.

    Custom Episode Sequence
    By default, podcast episodes appear on the iTunes Store in reverse chronological order based on the tag value. You can change episode order by setting the tag value to the order in which you’d like the episode to appear. For example, for an you’d like to appear as the first episode of the podcast, use the number 1 as the tag value. If the same order number is used by more than one episode, those episodes will revert to chronological order based on .

    For more information about these new features and requirements, see Making a Podcast.

    The iTunes Podcast team


    iTunes updating your LISTING

    I uploaded my new episode and it’s available on stitcher and it’s not on my iTunes listing. Whats wrong?

    The iTunes store listing and what appears in your feed are two different things. People that subscribe to your feed in iTunes will get the new episodes as you post them but the listing at iTunes can lag by a few days (or up to a week or so) behind your feed.
    If you think there is a problem at iTunes please contact Apple Support at

    Staying consistent with your update schedule (episode schedule) will make it quicker as Apple learns when you normally update. When I post an episode to Podcast Help Desk, it’s normally in my listing the next day. (and I’ve not been all that consistent as you know)


    Reposting old podcast episodes

    8 years ago, I did a podcast for people who were getting ready to take their Ham Radio test to get their FCC license. We called it the Ham Radio Podclass.

    I got an email the other day from someone that heard of it, but it wasn’t available anymore online.

    I decided to repost it

    I created a channel on my personal website and submitted it to iTunes (should be up there soon). I will let you know if it gets any traction.


    Blubrry Tip of the Week (Brought to you by Blubrry)

    I’m starting a new section in the podcast today. It’s the blubrry tip of the week. It will be something that will help you tweak your account, powerpress or some other blubrry service.

    This week’s tip:

    The stats redirect. A lot of people are confused by the redirect URL that blubrry uses for stats (Free and Paid).

    When you setup your account and list your show, you pick a Program Keyword. That is the key to the stats redirect. The way the redirect is made up is:

    This redirect goes before ALL links to your media file. Not before you feed URL.

    The best way to make sure it’s right is to login to your account in the services and stats tab in powerpress. It will automaticly put the redirect in so you don’t have to worry about it when you post your show.

    Known proprietary systems that will NOT let you put in the Blubrry redirect:

    Blog Talk Radio

    As I’ve said in a past show, although I don’t recommend soundcloud as a podcast host, they do let you put in the redirect.


    Use the promo code “nobs” for a free month of podcast hosting at any level at

    The promo code also works for blubrry premium

    Blubrry Media Hosting statistics 1 month free by using the promo code nobs.


    I’ve been listening to yet another podcast about podcasting. This one is called “Show Me Your Mic” with Chris Enns. It’s an interview type show where Chris interviews other podcasters and they talk about gear (and other things). It’s a VERY interesting show that is new to me (Even though he’s on show #58). Show Me Your Mic is on the network. Check it out over at


    5 Reasons to change to WordPress’ Default 2014 theme – PHD029


    From last week…

    Update on the Scammy Spammy podcasting service I wouldn’t name. Well I’m naming it this week. Audello. The service doesn’t seem unreasonable other than the price, but the claims the marketing of it makes, just make me feel icky. Dave Jackson did a video review of Audello and he had not much good to say about it. ALMOST everything they claim the software does can be done with a little learning for FREE. Sometimes paying to save time isn’t a bad thing. But with Podcasting, it’s really not THAT hard and it’s worth putting the time in for more reasons than just saving money.

    I’ve been around the internet for a long time. Before the web in fact, and I’ve seen scams come and scams go. Internet marketers, as a rule, can get sucked into promoting something that isn’t the best because it offers the best commissions. I think you are going to see a lot of that coming soon.

    My rules for internet marketing pitches are this:

    1. If the checkout system they use is Clickbank, 9 times out of 10 it’s not worth your time or money. (Audello is through clickbank)
    2. If the price ends with a 7, it’s likely not worth it. (Audello is normally $297 “on sale” for $197)
    3.If they have a time limit before the price goes up, it’s not worth it. (Audello’s price WAS reported to go up in 3 days, 1 day, several hours and it changes every time you go to the site. It’s now $297 with an add-on $97 commercial license)
    4. If there is a video on every page with a british voiceover, it makes me think scam. (see audello’s video marketing)

    I’m not saying that audello is a scam, but it sure isn’t the deal that you are going to hear all the hype about. Just be careful. You could spend that $400 on something MUCH more useful for your podasting adventure such as a New Mic, Mixer, Recorder, Proper hosting or some cool artwork.



    Last week I talked about the Auphonic leveler web service ( Last episode was “leveled and processed” with it. This week I’m trying out the desktop software. This *may* be a better deal. It’s $89 (notice no 7) and $399 for a commercial license. (they define a commercial license is for people or companies that make more than $20,000 directly from their processed audio) Most podcasters can get away with the $89 license.

    I will let you know if I buy the desktop license or I sign up for a monthly plan for the web service. I’m leaning toward the web license for now.


    What’s in a Name? (or title)

    Back in the olden days of podcasting everyone put the show number in their title. I’ve been doing some thinking and even though I did this myself for as long as I’ve been podcasting, I’m changing it up.

    I will continue to put my show number in the title, but I’m putting it at the end. You might notice, if you are looking at my feed, that I renamed all of my episodes to that format. Subject first then the podcast episode number. I’m still going to name them with the show number. This helps me keep them straight on my computer and on my server (and stats).


    WordPress Default Theme 2014 – My 5 reasons to use it over custom themes.

    1. It’s FREE! We know that free isn’t always good, but in this case, it works.
    2. Most plugins are tested against the default themes in WordPress. This means you are less likely to have issues with plugins. Powerpress is tested against 2014 first. When troubleshooting issues (if you have them) it’s one less thing that could be the cause. I would say about 25% of the support calls I get due to feed issues, it’s the custom theme someone is using that caused the problem. It’s a lot like the reason to use mp3 instead of m4a for your audio files. m4a will work, but it can cause problems for some users.
    3. It looks good, it is “Responsive” and it’s simple. (Keep It Simple Stupid)
    4. It’s customizable enough. With some tricks using the header image, you can get it to look very custom. AND it doesn’t contain spam links to theme developer’s websites. (just sayin)
    5. It’s made by Automatic (the people behind and If anyone knows how to make a compatible theme, they do. AND, as a bonus, clever “marketeers” do not profit from the hype about their “special” theme that costs $97, $107, $297 or any other price ending in 7! (a pet peeve of mine)

    Now, there are lots of customizations of the 2014 theme in the wordpress free theme directory. Some are good, and some are not. For me, for now, I’m sticking with the stock theme on and

    Jim Collison (the other guy)
    Home Gadget Geeks
    Cyber Frontiers
    Home Tech Tips
    Ask the Podcast Coach

    Podcast Channels vs. Category podcasting

    Powerpress has this feature called podcast channels. The channels feature allows you to have a separate show with it’s own feed and artwork all on the same wordpress installation. The official reason for this is to allow you to have different formats of your podcast like Video, Audio, Enhanced Podcast (not supported anymore by Apple) or higher/lower bitrate or whatever for video. But there is a much more useful thing it’s used for. That is if you are doing, what I call, sub-podcasts. What I mean by that is podcasts along a similar topic, but for a different audience or a sub group of the same audience. Say you are doing a podcast about Ham Radio and you want to do a sub-show that is just for topics about DXing. You could have your main feed be your main show and a second feed for shows about DXing.

    You may ask, why would I use channels instead of Category Podcasting?. Well, if you already have an existing show on your site, it’s using the default feed. If you add a category feed, the episodes will still be in the default feed as well as the category feed. This will cause you to make a second category feed for your main podcast to keep the shows separate from each other. Then you have to go through changing your feed on your main podcast, and going with my “Keep it simple” thing, why screw with it if it’s working? Channels are the answer.

    I’ve started a “sub show” on Podcast Help Desk called “Quick Hits – Podcast Help Desk” These will be short 5 minute or so single tip or news item shows and I’m going to put them out as needed. Hopefully more than once a week. You can see those over at

    Please subscribe to Both shows on the new subscribe page.


    Use the promo code “nobs” for a free month of podcast hosting at any level at

    The promo code also works for blubrry premium

    Blubrry Media Hosting statistics 1 month free by using the promo code nobs.

    Why Show Zero? – Quick Hits – Podcast Help Desk


    Why show zero?

    This is so that when you are setting up your podcast feed, you can get the feed going with a short show introduction. This is good for letting everyone know what your show is going to be about.

    Your RSS feed isn’t valid until you have an episode in it.  This will give you something for your feed so you can submit your feed to iTunes, Stitcher, Blubrry and wherever else before you officially launch.

    This show is going to be 1 – 5 minute, single topic quick hit tips about your podcast, your podcast website and news items for the podcasting community.  It will be released as produced on no particular schedule..

    Be sure you subscribe to both, this show and to the main Podcast Help Desk feed over on the subscribe page.



    Yup, You are in the right place

    That is if you were looking for Podcast Help Desk.

    I’ve been working on the site to make it more mobile friendly. To that end, I’ve activated the stock WordPress theme , 2014 (Catchy name huh?) .

    I’m finding that it makes everything look good on desktops, laptops, phones and tablets (which is my goal).  I will be doing an episode about that this week.

    Hope you like the new look!

    Also updated is my links (now on the left sidebar on desktops and below the posts on Mobile). Check those out!


    LUFS? What is that? – PHD-028


    PHD – 028

    The Podcast Help Desk is where we go deep into the technology of podcasting, help you with the problems you may run into and when we have a chance, review new gadgets, services and solutions for podcasters.

    This is not to say that the why and how of podcasting isn’t important. There are other podcasts that cover that part better than I do.

    As they say, “Content is King”. So if you have something to say, start a podcast.

    To keep your podcast running smoothly and get it out to your audience takes some tech. Thats what I’m here for. I will try to smooth out the geek-speak and put it in (more or less) English.

    The main audience for this podcast is those of you who have podcasts and want to tweak the tech to get better sound, a better website, a more reliable RSS feed or a more streamlined workflow. Also, those of you thinking of starting a podcast and don’t want to make all the mistakes that those of us that have been doing it a while had to make. I will help you avoid those along with some scammy, spammy or downright bad services that have been out there or will be out there. I’ve made all the mistakes so you don’t have to.

    Podcast Help Desk is a Proud member of the Tech Podacst Network over at If it’s tech, it’s here!

    Lets get started…

    You might have noticed I’ve changed the intro a bit. No music (although I’m going to have a new intro soon) I’m working on my mission for this podcast. During these unscheduled breaks, I’ve had time to think and tweak my content and to figure out my place in the world of Podcasts about podcasting.

    Tom Magliozzi, Broadcaster, podcaster and Car guy dies at 77

    Stitcher get bought by Deezer

    IOS 8 is out. IOS 8.01 is out (ooops) IOS 8.02 is out. IOS 8.1 is out!

    Also Yosemite is out for Mac. It’s been a big month for the Apple Fans out there.

    Dave Jackson named Director Of Podcasting for New Media Expo!
    Congrats to Dave! He will do a VERY good job with it and NMX this year is going to be a fantastic conference for many reasons, but first on my list is if Dave is selecting the speakers on the podcast track, It’s gonna be the bestist ;)

    Congrats to Todd Cochrane for 10 years of podcasting!

    Google releases Inbox by Gmail app

    I know, not really directly podcast related, but I figure a lot of podcasters use gmail. First person to leave me voicemail on the voicemail link on the side of Podcast Help Desk will get an invite to Inbox from me. (let me know your gmail address when you do it)

    New loudness standard for podcasting

    Podcasting Standard -16 LUFS (?WTF?)

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Loudness, K-weighted, relative to Full Scale (or LKFS) is a loudness standard designed to enable normalization of audio levels for delivery of broadcast TV and other video.[1] Loudness units relative to Full Scale (or LUFS) is a synonym for LKFS that was introduced in EBU R128.[2]Loudness Units (or LU) is an additional unit used in EBU R128. It describes Lk without direct absolute reference and therefore describes loudness level differences.
    LKFS is standardized in ITU-R BS.1770.[3] In March 2011, the ITU introduced a loudness gate in the second revision of the recommendation, ITU-R BS.1770-2.[4] In August 2012, the ITU released the third revision of this recommendation ITU-R BS.1770-3.[5]
    The EBU has suggested that the ITU’s changing the unit to LUFS as LKFS does not comply with scientific naming conventions and is not in line with the standard set out in ISO 80000-8. Furthermore, they suggest the symbol for ‘Loudness level, k-weighted’ should be Lk, which would make Lk and LUFS are equivalent when LUFS indicates the value of Lk with reference to digital full scale.[6]
    Since ITU-R BS.1770-2, LKFS and LUFS are identical

    Powerpress 6

    Check out for a look at how powerpress 6 will change your website (if you want it to). I’ve been testing Powerpress 6 beta. Check out the subscribe page, Sidebar playlist, subscribe links in the sidebar and below the player in each post.

    It’s very important to have an RSS link and an iTunes link on your page. With PP6 subcribe sidebar and subscribe pages it makes it easy to hit the buttons on a mobile device (which is the most-used way to listen to podcasts these days). Also PP6 has some great SEO features which I will explore when it comes out.

    “PP6 should be out soon” (direct quote from the guy who wrote it). If you would like to join the beta program for Powerpress, drop me a note. and I will see if I can get you signed up. ( have some pull at blubrry)

    Auphonic for post-processing?

    Back in the day there was Levelator (still available)

    Now there is this new service called Auphonic ( ). This is an online service that processes your podcast audio for you.

    I’m trying Auphonic for this episode. To hear the difference, listen to the last episode and this one back and forth. Not sure what I think yet. What do you think?

    2h for free
    9h for $11 per month
    21h for $23 per month
    Prices go up from here.


    Entrepreneurs and Internet marketers have found podcasting. This may be good for the podcasting world. Just like when they found email, it has had some good and a lot of bad (spam).

    The Good, the bad and the ugly

    The Good:

    internet marketers / entrepreneurs are good at getting the word out
    They might bring some money into the podcasting space
    They put too many non-techy people into podcasting

    The Bad:
    They set everyone’s expectations too high
    They put too many non-techy people into podcasting (I listed this in both good and bad)

    The Ugly:
    They tend to inflate their download stats to advertisers or as “social proof”
    Things like <**NAME REDACTED***> claim WAY too much and claim it’s “Easy”. As we know, podcasting isn’t “easy” in the traditional sense. It’s not hard if you learn some basic things. It’s not *much* harder to do it the right way (instead of getting sucked into a $300 “software” that will do everything for you (maybe). Even it does everything with the tech it says it will, it’s still not worth it!
    Podcasters Beware!
    Beware of scammers – See:

    Paul Colligan ( said (and it’s mostly true) “If someone is telling you podcasting is hard, they are likely getting paid by the hour.” While this is true sometimes, it also is sometimes necessary to call in an expert. Hopefully they will be an ethical expert and not charge you an arm and a leg to fix something that can be solved in a few minutes.

    I do some consulting and I do it per hour. :) But, I charge less than most and over deliver. (as do a good number of other consultants I know)

    AND, of course, there are free ways to solve problems. One is right here at Podcast Help Desk (send me questions!)

    I got a couple of questions a lot lately, about Podcast Stats and “alternative” podcast services.

    Q: Can I track stats in Soundcloud’s Beta Podcasting service using a 3rd party stats service (like Blubrry or Podtrac)?

    A: YES! You have to put a redirect in Soundcloud Settings (not that I recommend Soundcloud for podcasting as your primary host) but for those who are stuck on their system, this is a way to track your stats much nicer than the built in stats.

    Q: What about adding 3rd party stats to squarespace?

    A: Squarespace will not allow it. (Still) They insist their web stats are good. They are not. They are VERY inflated. So if you get 100 real downloads, you will see over 1000 or more in squarespace stats. YUCK!

    Q: What about adding stats to Blogtalkradio? (Talkshoe, Podbean and any other services where you don’t get your own RSS feed that you own and control)

    A: not unless you didn’t let them give their feed to iTunes and you have your own website / RSS feed.


    Thanks for listening to the end.

    If you like this podcast, please subscribe using your podcast app of choice or go to

    Use the promo code “nobs” for a free month of podcast hosting at any level at

    The promo code also works for blubrry premium

    Blubrry Media Hosting statistics 1 month free by using the promo code nobs.

    Living Under a Rock? – PHD-027


    PHD027 – Living Under a Rock?

    iOS 8 Update with “podcasts” app included. - Make sure you podcast is ready by Shawn Thorpe

     CBS loses suit by patent troll, Personal Audio

    National Podcast Day!  – September 30th

     New Podcasts about podcasting (new to me anyway)


    The Podcast Report – Paul Colligan

     The Podcast Reporter – Fred Castaneda 

    Keep it simple stupid!  –  

    I’ve gotten a bunch of questions about some of the minutia of things that most people won’t see or need to worry about.  Such as the feed address.  Normally in powerpress the feed address is  If you want to change that you can start a new channel with what you want at the end such as  but that adds complication to everything.  I’ve even had people worry about the links under the player having a different text color than they want for the link.  Another way is to add the static feed plugin. That way you can make your feed address . I’m sure someone out there will want to get rid of the .xml but sometimes you can’t have what you want.  The important thing is that your feed functions and updates when you put out an episode.  The address doesn’t matter much. It’s good to have your own domain name (as I always said) but the rest of it is kind of picky.  Stop it!  99% of the people that subscribe to your show in iTunes, Stitcher and wherever else will never see the feed address or the feed itself.

    I guess the brings up a bigger problem I see with a lot of podcasters.  They get all caught up in the tech of it.  Focusing on the tech when everything works is the wrong way to go about it.  Believe me, I know how that can be.  I’m all about the techy side of things.  The most important thing about your show is your show.  Make good content and have fun with it.  Don’t worry about the minor picky things.  Once you get your feed working and your website working, go about the business of producing your show.  Promote it everywhere you can, and as long as people get your content, how they get it is beside the point.  It is interesting, but not the most important thing.

    Along that same line…

    Podcast Review swaps.  by Dave Jackson  on Podcaster News PodcastDayBadge-125x125

    Question of the week

    Q:  I use audacity to record/edit my show.  I notice the default setting for mp3 is 48,000hz sample rate at 128kbds bit rate.  Is this a good setting for podcasting?

    A:  Well, no.  Let me explain. The standard for MP3 in podcasting (no, it’s not that other rates won’t work) is between 64kbds and 128kbds. So that part is good (although a bit large file size per minute).  It’s the 48000hz sample rate that should be changed to 44.100 to be the most compatible with players out there.  IF someone has a really old mp3 player, 48000hz will sound distorted where 44100 will not.

    A bigger problem with audacity is the “LAME” mp3 encoder that comes with it.  Just as the name implies, it’s lame.  At least at a constant bitrate (in your case 128kbps). It sounds great with variable bit rate for music, but for voice and podcasting, you want to use a constant bit rate.  The easist way to get a good sounding MP3 is to use iTunes to convert your file from wav.  To do this, first in your itunes settings, make sure in the import settings, you have mp3 selected.  Then out of audacity, save the file as a .wav file.   Drag it into iTunes and right click.  Select “Make MP3 version”.  Then put your iD3 tags in that file and use that for your podcast.  By default, itunes will make a 44.1khz 128kbps file.  If you want to save on file size, and have the software (Adobe audition and others) save the mp3 at 96kbps or even 64 if it’s mostly voice.  This can save on hosting costs and make your shows quicker to download for your listeners.

    Powerpress 6

    Take a listen or watch the latest update in the powerpress podcast.  If you are using powerpress, it will be in your dashboard.  Otherwise, go here:

    Todd and Angelo explain some of the cool new features of powerpress 6.0 coming out soon.

    Use the promo code “nobs” for a free month of podcast hosting at any level at

    The promo code also works for blubrry premium

    Blubrry Media Hosting statistics 1 month free by using the promo code nobs.

    How *NOT* to get kicked off your Webhost – PHD-026


    The company Personal Audio, The people claiming they have a patent for podcasting, that were suing Adam Carolla have tried to drop the lawsuit. They claim there is “no money” in podcasting. Adam has decided to not let it drop just yet and is keeping his counter-claims. His goal is to invalidate the patent. I’m not sure that’s a good idea. He’s raised nearly $1 million to fight them. I was listening to Adam Curry on No Agenda and he (the podfather) said that he thinks Corolla should give the cash to the EFF who is trying to get the patent invalidated. I’m not exactly sure what to think about it. Read more about it H E R E


    I’ve been getting a lot of questions from people who have been asked by their webhost to upgrade because they are hogging all the CPU on a shared server. (a good problem to have)

    – Not all webhosting is created the same.

    – I would use the big guys for shared hosting. I’ve had the best luck with either Bluehost (you can help me out by using my affiliate link if you are going to go with Bluehost) or Godaddy hosting. (this podcast website is on Godaddy Linux hosting)

    Bluehost just introduced their “Optimized Hosting For WordPress” (use my link code) which would solve the problem.

    -Wordpress takes some CPU to generate your feed with powerpress. PHP is used to generate your feed on the fly. When someone requests your RSS feed, it pulls a little bit on the server’s CPU. Get too many requests at one time and your site can slow down a bit. The way it does that is PHP.

    From Wikipedia: PHP is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. As of January 2013, PHP was installed on more than 240 million websites (39% of those sampled) and 2.1 million web servers.

    – Say you have 1000 people that listen to your podcast every time you put out an episode and of those 1000 people, 50% are using your RSS feed, either with iTunes, the iOS Podcasts App or some other podcast app or rss reader. It’s not just 500 times does your feed get queried. It’s ever xx amount of time, it gets hit 500 times. over a week, if the podcatchers ping once a day thats 3500 times. Most of the time, most people (lets say 400) have it set to ping every hour. That would be 67900 times! If your show keeps growing, it won’t take long before your webhost will say that you are using too much CPU and ask you to leave. Hopefully they are nice enough to ask you to leave.

    – There are many ways to fix this problem. Only 3 of them make any sense to me. As you know, I am a firm believer is owning your own brand and controlling your feed.

    1. Upgrade your hosting. VPS, Dedicated server or WordPress optimized hosting. Bluehost just introduced their “Optimized Hosting For WordPress” (use my promo code) which would solve the problem.

    2. Create a static feed. I would (and do) use Static Feed plugin. at . ignore the part about it not being updated in over
    2 years. It works and it is supported (by me and Angelo) so don’t worry. I’m hoping Angelo will update it just to get rid of that warning. :)

    3. Use a caching plugin. (not my favorite choice but it can work)

    Others may tell you to use Feedburner. That will ‘sort of work’. It does take the load off your webserver, but you give up much more so it’s not worth it.

    Still others will say, use your hosting company’s RSS feed. Both Libsyn and Blubrry offer a feed with a hosting account. I wouldn’t use that feed from either of them (although you could do worse since both companies will redirect your feed if you change your mind).

    I’m going to be having another “off week” next week. So I will be back and we will continue the zero to itunes podcast series. Thank for listening!

    Use the promo code “nobs” for a free month of podcast hosting at any level at

    The promo code also works for blubrry premiumBlubrry Media Hosting statistics 1 month free by using the promo code nobs.

    I’ll be back on 8-3-2014


    The podcast Help desk is taking a short hiatus. I will resume the weekly schedule on August 3rd (a Monday).

    I’m switching the schedule for a Monday release. That gives me time over the weekend to catch up if I got busy during the week.

    I will be continuing my series on zero to podcaster with setting up WordPress.

    Thanks for hanging in there!


    Going Deep into theTechnology of Podcasting