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phd300_2016blackHappy Birthday Dave Jackson and Happy Show 500 for the School of Podcasting! http://schoolofpodcasting.com School Of Podcasting 500 – A launch story/

Public Radio Podcast Measurement Guidelines

RawVoice Inc. Responds

Deep Dive on Blubrry Podcast Statistics

Google Play Podcasts this month?

Soundcloud may have to close soon

Blubrry ads another conduit to getting your show on Spotify music service
1.Login to your blubrry.com account, or create one
2. If you have a show listed at blubrry.com that you put there just click go here: https://publish.blubrry.com/connect/spotify.php
3. If you didn’t list your show on blubrry.com search for it in the blubrry directory and claim your show. Do this by clicking on the more info link at the bottom of the artwork and then click on claim your show.
4.Then go to the link above.

More About Podcast Workflow with Jim Collison – PHD078



Apple TV update now includes the podcast app

Amazon is gearing up to add podcast content to Audible. They are hiring comedians

Nick Quah, Creator of Hot Pod Newsletter (http://hot-pod.squarespace.com/) is leaving Panoply to do Hot Pod full time

From the newsletter “Quick announcement: I’m leaving Panoply, which has so far been referred to in this newsletter as my “day job employer.” This is my last week as the company’s Audience Development person, broadly speaking, which has been a strange, amorphous, confusing, and sometimes thoroughly enjoyable job, and I’m glad to be the first person I know who has such a position in a podcasting company.”


More on Workflow

There are many ways to do podcasting. Jim Collison

You can find Jim Collison at http://averageguy.tv and on Ask The Podcast Coach on Saturday’s at 10:30 Eastern US time.

My Latest Podcast Workflow – PHD077

phd300_2016blackToday I go into my Workflow for making a  podcast episode.

Here is my checklist:

1. Shownotes – Everyone has trouble with shownotes but I my system, I get them done first. Using Google Docs I make a new document with the number of the show and save it to my bookmarks bar in my browser. That way, when I have an idea for my next show, I open that doc and write it down or drop a link or whatever in there.
2. Show prep – I take that document and organize it and open any links in my browser. Normally just an outline or highlights of what I want to talk about and in the correct order I want to do.
3. Get my recording software and equipment turned on and test. I record several test recordings making sure nothing changed in my setup. I try to get the recording levels at -12 to -3 on the meter.
4. Record the intro segment
5. Record the other segments for the podcast. I do it this way, but there is no reason you can’t do all the segments, or the whole thing “live to the hard drive” as we used to say.
6. I open a multi-track session that has my intro and outro (not the one I recorded, but the one with the real announcer voice and music)
7. I place the intro I recorded and the segments in place and line them up the way I want.
8. I drop in the bumper music (if I use bumper music for that episode) in between the segments.
9. I check the transitions making sure everything sounds good.
10. I render it out into a Wav File. In the case of this episode that wav file is called “phd077_mixdown.wav”
11. I run that wav file though Auphonic making sure it stays as a wav. That file is called “phd077_mixdown_auphonic.wav”
12. I open the auphonic wave file in Audition and check listen to bits and pieces to make sure nothing went wrong.
13. I save that file from audition as an mp3 file. 44.1khz , 128kbps stereo.
14. I upload to blubrry hosting using the uploader in PowerPress which writes my ID3 tags to the mp3 file for me.
15. Paste the show notes from the doc into the WordPress post.
16. Title the post and publish

That’s it.

Next week I will talk about what to check to make sure your feed is working correctly and your audio is sounding the way you want it.

What is an RSS feed? – PHD076BS

phd300_2016blackNew Magazine about podcasting: http://podcasternews.com/2016/01/22/podster-is-a-new-magazine-about-podcasting/


what is an RSS feed?


Why is it so important for a podcast?

Think of your RSS feed as your Radio Station’s Transmitter frequency.  So if you are on 97.5 FM with a radio station, that is where people tune in to hear your programing.  The RSS feed is very much like that for podcasts.  It’s where People, Apps and Podcatcher software “tune” to hear (or download) your episodes.  Without that transmitter working well, people will have a hard time hearing your Radio Station.  Without a good efficient RSS feed, your podcast will not be heard or if it is, it might not have everything needed to be found or understood by the software that needs to “hear” it to download your episodes.
The difference is with RSS vs. Transmitters,  your content on a podcast is on demand.  Sort of like a DVR for your TV, but for Radio.   

Configuring PowerPress on Your New WordPress site – PHD074BS


Today we go though the basics< of setting up PowerPress on your new WordPress website. We will go into a more in-depth tweaking of PowerPress settings in future episodes. Next time we will go into how to post your first episode. (With our without Blubrry Hosting)

Installing WordPress for Podcasting – PHD073BS


Today we go into installing WordPress on your web hosting plan. Check the sidebar for deals a Dreamhost or Bluehost for your WordPress hosting.

OR Go to Godaddy.com and get a LINUX shared hosting plan. (no affiliate code here)

Next episode we will install and configure PowerPress

Recording Your First Episode – PHD072BS (beginner series)

phd300_2016blackFor the next 4 episodes, I’m going to give you the quick and dirty “how to get started” in podcasting.

Start from nothing and have your podcast on iTunes in 4 episodes.

Today I talk about picking your podcast topic, recording (Very basic) and some basic equipment (Microphones) info.


Audio-Technica ATR2100 – USB / XLR mic ( this is what I use for portable Podcasting)

Year in Review – Predictions for 2016 for Podcasting – PHD071


Predictions from Last year:

  • Second Podcast movement – Less “Entrepreneur” focused – SORT OF
  • NMX/NAB – Best podcast event ever! – Was good, but the best? Might have been the last one :(
  • I will release “The NO BS Guide to Podcasting” in March and it will reach #1 on Amazon for Podcasting. (yes, bold and wishful thinking!) – BONK! nope…
  • I will Produce 50 episodes of Podcast Help Desk in 2015. (Leaving myself room to skip a couple but maybe even 52) – Nope… 37
  • This will be the year of the Story-telling podcast copy-cat. Like 2014 was the year of the Entrepreneur podcast. – Sort of
  • At least one popular Entrepreneur podcast will pod-fade (likely 100’s of copy-cats as well) – Several have pod faded, not sure about any major ones
  • Soundcloud will be sold and their Podcasting “Beta” program will be turned off. – Not yet, but we still have a few days left in 2015
  • Google will announce that Feedburner is going away in 2016 – not yet
  • Google will announce a Podcast listening app and directory for Android. (Crossing my fingers) – DING DING DING! Google Play
  • At least one “podcasting company” will shut down unexpectedly. (Not much of a stretch because it happens at least once every year) – We have had several shut down
  • In April, I will celebrate my 10 year anniversary in podcasting (Not sure of exact date) – Ding ding ding ( April 2015 was my 10 year anniversary in podcasting)


Predictions for 2016 in Podcasting


  • Soundcloud will no longer be a podcast media host
  • There will be at least one new podcast media host
  • There will be at least one new podcast media host go out of business
  • I will release “The NO BS Guide to Podcasting”. No Really…. I am going to finish it :)
  • Feedburner will still exist all year long.
  • Podcast Movement will be a big success. (no brainer)
  • Blab will start charging “something” for service or will start some sort of advertising. (Not talked about in the show)
  • A major player in the podcasting space (company) will change names / rebrand.
  • There will be a major Movie announced that features podcasting in the central plot. (not a documentary or independent film)
  • Howard Stern will still hate podcasting.


Blubrry Tip / News
Personal Goals this year.


  • Finish the book
  • Continue to improve Podcast Help Desk and Geek of the North
  • Figure out how to get more feedback on the show.


Links from the show:
Using Seasons in your show – PowerPress Podcast

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