Category vs. Channel Podcasting – phdQH002


A quick hit talking about the #1 tech support issue I have. Category podcasting.

One line can sum it up…. Don’t use it unless you have a REAL good reason for it. Use channels or the default feed from powerpress. It’s much more bullet proof and channels have all the features included whereas, category podcasting feeds do not include everything powerpress can do for you.

That is all!

Nobody Accidentally Listens to a Podcast – PHD047

Podcast Patent Troll Beat by EFF


NAB / NMX Wrap Up

Congrats to the Podcast Award winners! Brian Ibit, Brian Brushwood and Tom Merritt.

The end of FM Radio??

Nobody accidentally listens to a podcast.

Audacity Website move.

Something is happening with I guess. Not sure what the story is, but if you are looking for Audacity – The Free audio editor, go to instead of the old site at


Is your podcast website mobile friendly ?


Blubrry Tip – New stuff from Blubrry

Android One click subscribe

Evergreen podcasting

Expanded directory BB


Q: I updated my wordpress and my media players have disappeared. HELP!

A: WordPress sometimes tweaks how it does things and surprises Plugin developers. Powerpress has you covered! Login to your wordpress dashboard and go to powerpress settings > media appearance and where it asks “Having issues?” Select one of the 3 “Yes” answers. Save your settings.

I’m going to have Angelo Mandato (The Blubrry CIO) on the podcast soon to explain the geeky reason for this, and more. That should be in the next few weeks.


Tired and glad to be back home after a week in Vegas!

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Ten Years of Podcasting – PHD046

I’m going to call this my 10 year Anniversary show. I’m not EXACTLY sure, but I think I recorded my first podcast episode around the 15th of April, 2005. If anyone ever finds Benzoid Report #1, please send me a copy or a link! I talk about how podcasting has changed for me and for podcasting in general over the last 10 years +

Maybe no show next week as I will be in Vegas for NMX. If I get a chance, I will put updates at (both audio, text and photos)


Please use my Promo code HELPDESK at for 1 month free service for media hosting or premium podcast statistics.

Complicated Does Not Mean Good – PHD045

I’m doing an experiment this week. I’m doing minimal post-editing and podcasting without fancy intro, outro and bumper music. As we called it “back in the day”, live to the hard drive. This is not a format change. It’s just to show you that you don’t need to do all that fancy stuff to put out a good podcast. In fact, I’m recording from my mobile studio (my van) using the mobile setup.


Just a bit about my “Real Radio” guest hosting the other day….

Apple changes the artwork spec (again)

New Software out for podcasters

New Version of Audacity 2.1.0

New version of Powerpress 6.0.2


Complicated does not mean good

Sometimes complicated makes things better. Sometimes not.

  • Complicated web sites do not get your more viewers to your website and can cause operational problems with your podcast
  • More complicated production of your show won’t get your more listeners (most of the time)
  • Better mic *might* help if your audio is crappy. but once you get a good sound, go on to the next thing
  • Find a workflow that you are comfortable with and then concentrate on the content rather than the tech.
  • The default feed from wordpress and powerpress is best. Channels are second best. Post types (even though they are complicated to setup) are 3rd best followed in LAST place by category feeds.
  • Don’t start a Network when you are new at podcasting. Start with one show and make it Good. Then maybe start other podcasts.
  • Don’t start by trying to do interviews by skype.
  • Don’t try to make everything perfect right away. Your first show is going to suck compared to your 10th, which will suck compared to your 45th (I hope) :)
  • ——————

    Blubrry Tip of the Week

    This one is for the listeners. Blubrry is 3 different things.
    1. Podcast Services company – Powerpress, Hosting, Stats
    2. Podcast Directory – 30k+ podcasts
    3. Podcast Advertising Company

    I’m going to talk about the #2 thing as you already know about #1.

    Group your shows into 1 feed
    Watch or listen to your podcasts on Set Top boxes (Roku, Boxee, Samsung TV and more)
    Subscribe to all your podcasts easy with one RSS feed

    For podcasters – Get your podcast listed on the blubrry directory FREE! :)


    RSS Feed size. Does size matter?

    This is for those of you that have been podcasting a while.

    itunes feed size limit is 512k
    You don’t want your feed to take a long time to load.

    Ways to limit the size of your feed.
    Limit your feed to the last 50 episodes (299 is the limit in iTunes)
    Use Feed Maximizer tool in powerpress


    New Media Expo / NAB Show April 13th – 16th at Las Vegas Convention Center and Westgate Hotel and Casino

    I will be at the Rawvoice / Blubrry booth (N7709) in north hall at NAB / NMX at LVCC. Stop by and say Hi if you are going to NABShow


    Catch me next time.

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    Speaking of Consulting, if you have a problem with your podcast and need some one-on-one help, I am available and my prices are less than most of the the other consultants out there. This doesn’t mean my advice is less valuable, it just means I have enough other jobs that pay the bills and can charge you less.

    RSS feeds are like a bag of Flour – PHD044


    Update your Yoast plugin (if you use it).

    iTunes down: Having Issues
    March 11th

    Goes to prove that even the mighty Apple is run by humans and computers which are subject to “issues”.

    From Todd Cochrane, of Geek News Central and the CEO of RawVoice Inc.

    “Hey bit of a heads up!
    I hope this is an isolated incident. Every podcaster should go over to YouTube and search for their show. It seems in at least one instance, someone went to the trouble and made a channel for a podcast, and then uploaded all the episodes. They used album art from the podcast and monetized the channel.
    The podcast host did not authorize this, nor does he have access to the YouTube account. This looks as if a bot did it. Please spot check and make sure there is not some rogue element out their doing this.


    Question from John Morgan: (Answered from the car)
    Question: How did you post process the audio of you podcasting while driving and make it sound good?

    Answer: I’m just that good :) (Listen for the REAL answer)


    A voice comment from MR. Jim Farley from

    I will be Guest Co-hosting and reading the news on Omlette and Friends on March 24th from 6-10am EDT on 97.5 FM / 98.9FM in Northern Michigan or on the web at (or Tunein Radio, search for WKLT)


    Want to get in the Microsoft Podcasting App? (and whatever else they are doing?)

    From Microsoft:

    Thank you for your interest in podcasts. We are no longer supporting an active database of podcast feeds for Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8.0 or Zune. Please see the instructions below for enabling podcast discovery in Bing.

    Windows Phone 8.1
    Windows Phone 8.1 uses a Bing-enabled search mechanism to locate podcasts. To improve the search results of your podcast, add “feed:podcast” to your keywords tag within the RSS podcasts feed. Podcasts can also be located by entering the RSS feed directly into the podcast app search window.

    Improve Bing-Enabled Podcast Search Results By using Webmaster Tools, you can tell Bing about your site. In return, Bing Webmaster Tools tells you how well your site is performing in Bing and Bing-powered search and keeps you up to date about issues we see on your site.

    To inform us about sitemaps or RSS feeds, including those containing podcasts, follow these steps:

    1. If you haven’t done so already, sign up with Bing Webmaster Tools.
    2. Add the site that hosts the Podcast RSS/feed and verify ownership of the site.
    3. Use the Submit Sitemap tool and submit the full URL of the RSS feed containing the links to your podcasts.

    Within a few hours, you’ll see whether Bing successfully downloaded your sitemap or feed so that it can be indexed.

    Another reason to
    A. Put an RSS link on your website

    B. Not use feedburner feeds, libsyn feeds or any other feed that doesn’t have your domain name in it or is on a site you don’t own. Your podcast will likely not be in Bing/Microsoft’s platforms. To be fair, I think Libsyn does have an agreement with Microsoft to include it’s shows in the microsoft podcast app (whatever it’s called)


    I get this question a lot.

    Q: Why does my iTunes listing look this way? This goes for Stitcher, Windows Podcast App (Still not sure what it’s called), Downcast or any other directory. The truth is, there isn’t a way to control how someone uses your RSS feed in their app.

    Think of your RSS feed like a baker looks at a bag of Flour

    iTunes makes cookies, Stitcher makes bread (and we don’t even get to pick the kind of bread!) and the rest make whatever they want with your Flour. It’s your job to make sure all the sprinkles, seasonings and other things are in the flour, but what everyone bakes out of it, is up to them. That’s why I say use Powerpress with WordPress. It gives you the MOST control over the contents of your flour err.. RSS feed short of rolling your own.

    To keep with the analogy up, hand coding your own RSS feed is like growing the wheat, harvesting and grinding the wheat into flour. I personally like going to the store (blubrry) and buying my flour all ready to bake with.


    Blubrry tip of the week

    Question from Kathy, from
    My problem is that I updated my blubrry plugin (powerpress) in on my WP site and my player disappeared! My episodes can still be downloaded or played in a new window, but I can’t figure out how to get my player back.

    Answer: Most of the problems with the Powerpress players are Theme issues. In powerpress’ settings, in the media appearance tab (Advanced mode) there is a place where it asks “Having Issues?”. You can select No, Yes, please try to fix or Yes, alternative fix. Once you select one of the YES options, save your settings and RESET your cache both on your website (if you are using a caching plugin) and your browser to see if the player shows up.

    If this doesn’t work, go through the troubleshooting to check for a plugin issue. ( )


    Podcast Starter – Thanks again to Daniel J. Lewis from the network and the Audacity to Podcast for pointing out my mistake :) is a site (that I don’t recommend). I mean, some of the info is good, some of it I wouldn’t agree with. I’m not going to say too much about it as I didn’t get too deep into it.

    The Upshot of this is, I’m rebooting my “starter” series. First off, if you know me, I tend to be a ready… fire…. aim type guy. I launch things before totally figuring it out. That’s good sometimes and sometimes it’s not. In this case, i didn’t research enough for the name.

    The new series is now called “Podcast Help Desk Beginner Series” and will re-start in the next few weeks. I want to make the the screencasts and the audio at the same time so I won’t be doing them every week, I will likely do 3 or 4 at a time and post them all at once. It’s an experiment and permanent resource for podcasters. Stay tuned to Podcast Help Desk for updates.


    New PROMO code for Blubrry. helpdesk the Old code, nobs will also work, but I figured it would be best to better brand my promo code :) (you can also use mike if you want)

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    Speaking of Consulting, if you have a problem with your podcast and need some one-on-one help, I am available and my prices are less than most of the the other consultants out there. This doesn’t mean my advice is less valuable, it just means I have enough other jobs that pay the bills and can charge you less.

    Morning Rock Radio vs. Podcasting, The Interview – PHD-043

    Today is a SPECIAL episode of Podcast Help Desk.

    We have a joint interview with Omelette from the morning radio show “Omelette and Friends” on WKLT FM in Traverse City, Michigan.

    The fun part was we recorded this in HIS studio at the radio station and it was sort of me interviewing him and he was interviewing me. It takes up most of the hour and there are some real gems that apply to Broadcasting and Podcasting.

    Tune in next week for a more NORMAL Podcast Help Desk.

    Be sure to visit Steve’s website (and soon podcast) at

    The Meaning of Life, The Universe and everything – PHD Forty Two

    PHD042 – The Meaning of Life, The Universe and everything

    DON’T PANIC and don’t forget your towel!

    Being the big geek I am, I have to do this every time I get to episode 42 on a podcast I do. It’s, of course, a tribute to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.

    Nowadays, we say Don’t forget your smartphone instead of your towel and the Hitchhikers Guide.

    Now on with the REAL content for this episode!


    As you heard, last week I had an audio problem. I could have fixed it by re-recording those segments. I felt the content was good enough to put up with the little popping sounds.

    Also, on my checklist, I have removed the part about audacity. Truncate Silence. It’s too easy to screw something up for me to recommend using that.


    Recording only with an iPhone?

    Yes, you can record only with an iPhone. There are several good ways to do it.

    Boss Jock Studio – Play clips, record and edit. Saves in mp3, ready to upload.

    Mobile Podcaster. AAC only

    Voice Memo – Stock iPhone program by Apple. Very good for quick notes and recording segments. BUT, saves files in AAC format instead of Mp3 so you *should* edit them and re-encode to mp3.

    You can add a professional mic to the iphone using the “camera connection kit” usb adapter. or you can use the mic/headphone jack with a splitter. Rockit Headphone/Microphone Splitter

    While I’m playing with it, How about a mic shootout using the studio mixer?


    Q: I uploaded my show yesterday, it’s still not in my Podcast Listing at iTunes… HELP!!

    A: RELAX! 2 things to do to help you not worry about this “problem”

    Look at your RSS feed in FIREFOX (other browsers do not work the same) and verify your latest post is in there with it’s media file.
    Subscribe to your podcast in iTunes (on your computer) or the IOS “podcasts” app. Verify that your new episode shows up.
    If 1 and 2 are OK. RELAX and give iTunes up to 3 days to list your show. If it takes more than 3 days, email Apple ( and give them your listing address and your RSS feed. You may get a run-around or a form response. Reply to that with the same info. Sooner or later they will have a human answer you.

    Podcast on Radio? Then the recording of the podcast on radio, on a podcast?

    At the risk of generating at vortex here, I’m going to play one local radio show’s take on my segment about how lame music radio can be from Episode 36.

    As heard on the Omelette & Friends radio show on WKLT in Traverse City (1 day after they interviewed Bob Seger!!

    Next we are going to have the Guy behind the mic at Omelette & Friends, Omelette Himself on this very podcast!


    Blubrry Tip of the week

    Teach your listeners how to subscribe and make it easy for them.

    In powerpress 6 there are 2 new ways to get your listeners to subscribe.

    One is the Subscribe page. If you go to you will see that I have a neat page there that makes it easy to just press a button on a smartphone and subscribe. It’s easy to set this up with powerpress. Make sure you have everything including the iTunes subscription URL block filled out in the Feeds and iTunes tabs in powerpress.

    Create a blank page called Subscribe (or whatever you want to call it) publish the page and go into edit it again and write down the page ID.
    Go into powerpress settings > media appearance and where it says “Subscribe Page” Paste the page ID in the block and save settings.
    Go back to your page and you can edit the words in there as you would like.

    The other thing that was added is the subscribe sidebar widget. All you have to do is go into your widgets area and find the subscribe block and drag it to the sidebar. You are done!


    Podcast Starter 2

    Recording your First Episode
    Make a master folder for your podcast
    Make a folder for your episode (each time) in the folder for your podcast
    Put any intro/outro music or files in the master folder
    Put any clips or segments you record in the episode folder

    2. Outline your episode
    make an outline (not a script) of the points you want to talk about in your episode.
    I use Google Docs / Drive for this.
    ALMOST nobody sounds good when they are reading word for word on the mic.

    3. Record to .wav file (DO NOT UPLOAD THIS WAV for your podcast)

    4. Listen to your recording and most likely throw it away (yes, sometimes you have to test several times before you get things to sound like you want them)

    5. RE record or edit
    once you are more or less happy with your recording, edit it if you need to
    Don’t be TOO picky. It’s better to put something out that isn’t exactly perfect than it is to edit for hours and hours and get tired of it and forget it.
    Your FIRST episode will not sound as good as your 5th which will not sound as good as your 25th and so on. You get better as you go.
    Content is KING.. If you have good content, the quality doesn’t have to be AS good.
    Quality is Queen. Yes, improve as you go but the first step is start!

    6. Encode to mp3
    Do this either using iTunes (on your computer) or in Audition if you have it. This uses a much better encoder than Audacity uses.
    Tag your file in iTunes (on mac or PC)
    7. Get ready to upload

    We will talk about websites and media hosting next time


    Use the promo code “nobs” for a free month of podcast hosting at any level at

    The promo code also works for blubrry premium

    Blubrry Media Hosting statistics 1 month free by using the promo code nobs.

    Do It Right The First Time PHD041


    Do it right the first time – Changing things later isn’t hard, but it’s not instant.

    Replacing a file after publishing it is easy, but not instant or fool proof
    Get EVERYTHING correct in your site and feed before you submit to iTunes, stitcher and other directories. Changing things later isn’t hard, but it’s not instant.
    Take the time to make sure things are correct before publishing. Create a checklist. Download mine here (***Mine is complicated, yours doesn’t need to be.)
    POSTS! Not pages!
    Do not Post WAV files!


    Podcast Help Desk – My Sample Workflow Checklist (with explanations)

    1.Create an outline for the episode (beginning shownotes) –

  • – I use Google Docs (Drive) for this. I make a document with the episode number and through the week make notes of subjects I want to talk about. Some people use evernote for this.
  • – Once you have the outline “done” figure out the title for the episode
  • – Create featured image artwork for the episode (you can skip this depending on your wordpress theme)
  • 2. Record – I start with the intro and just record this segment. then I go through each item I want to talk about in my outline and record that segment. Saving all the files (as .wav) in a folder I create for this. If you just do “live to the harddrive” then record your whole episode.

    3. Edit – You can do a lot of editing or just a little

  • Run segments though Audacity “Truncate silence filter” (removes log pauses while I think when recording)
  • Assemble the segments (if you do it this way) in Adobe Audition (Audacity will work) at this point I also apply some compression in Audition or audacity.
    Add bumpers, intro and outro
  • Render to .wav
  • 4. Post Process
    Run .wav file through auphonic. (I use the desktop version but the online version will work if you don’t mind waiting for the upload/download)
    Spot listen to the file to make sure it came out the way you wanted it. (!! important !!)

    5. Render to MP3 ( I do this in audition) You can do this in iTunes desktop program as well. I use 128kbps Stereo but you could do it compressed more if you want to save file size. Don’t go above 128kpbs

    6. Tag mp3 file

  • I do this using Powerpress and Blubrry Hosting online so at this point I just skip 6
  • You can do this in iTunes Desktop by importing your mp3 into iTunes (I use a playlist called EDIT) so I can find the file. Right click and select info. In there you can fill out the tabs and add artwork.
  • 7. Upload and Post Shownotes

  • Make sure you make any links you referenced in your show “live” in your shownotes
  • upload featured image
  • publish (set date ahead if you are scheduling your post)
  • 8. After it’s published, download and listen to episode Make sure you are subscribed to your own podcast in at least 1 podcast app. (I use Apple’s Podcasts app on iphone) I also test the player on my page at this point. I listen on my computer speakers, my headphones in the studio, on earbuds from my iphone and in the car using bluetooth on the stereo (over the next day or so) just to make sure it sounds good in all those places. .

    9. Verify it made it to all your distribution channels (24 hours after publish)
    check iTunes listing
    check stitcher
    check listing
    check Tech Podcast Network listing
    Check Roku TPN channel

    10. start next week’s “Shownotes”

    For a 30-60 minute episode, from the time I record the first segment to publishing (or scheduling the post) takes about 2 hours but I’ve been doing it a while. You should figure about 4x recording time for the whole process.


    Now for something GEEKY! – Post Type Podcasting

    This is not for the Normal podcaster but the GEEK who wants to Tweak things.

    I’m still learning, but here is what I know so far….

    What is a post type? It’s not a post template. it’s not a display type in wordpress, it’s a second blog, so to speak. Like Pages is one “type” and “post” is another type. Custom Post Types are new types. With their own “loop” in wordpress.. It’s almost like a second wordpress install in wordpress Multi-user.

    You have to use a plugin to add a post type
    The best plugin for post types is “Types”. CPTUI isn’t as user friendly, but also works.
    You have to make sure “Has Archive” is set to YES for it to work.
    You have to use Permalinks in wordpress for it to work.

    My new podcast series that I’m going to to produce is using a post type called “Starter” ( more on that at the end of the episode.

    I started another one on which was for test and for my mental health called Mike Rants ( that one is using post types as well *** Not completely work safe!


    Blubrry Tip of the week – MP3 Tagging

    Here is something I wasn’t doing until recently. That is tagging my MP3 files using powerpress and blubrry hosting. (as far as I know it only works if you are uploading from WordPress to your blubrry hosting account)


    Podcast Starter 1

    Pick a Topic and secure the brand.

    Pick a domain name – Buy the domain name
    Make sure it’s something that you have a passion for and that lends itself to continued content.
    Don’t pick something just because it will “make money”
    Get a webhosting account (I recommend and install wordpress from the control panel.

    Next week we will talk about recording your first episode


    This weeks Bumper music is by Bobby Yang as performed in my Studio while I was interviewing him on WNMC in Traverse City a couple of years ago. Bobby also played the National Anthem for Monday Night Football last October. (NFL – 49ers vs. Rams)

    Podcast Help Desk, Your place for Strange music and some Podcast Advice :)


    Use the promo code “nobs” for a free month of podcast hosting at any level at

    The promo code also works for blubrry premium

    Blubrry Media Hosting statistics 1 month free by using the promo code nobs.

    Podcasting on the Cheap and Getting Support – PHD040



    Academy of Podcasters Awards announced for Podcast Movement on July 31st.

    Including a Hall of Fame. Should be interesting watching.

    Google Kills Another Service

    Google Helpouts are dead.

    I, along with a LOT of other “podcast gurus”, have predicted that feedburner is next. I’m not saying that if you use feedburner you should get off now….. Ok I am, but if you don’t plan on moving, at least have a plan in place for WHEN (not if) Google kills it. Just sayin!


    Facebook Pages

    Facebook has added a new subcategory for pages called “podcast”. To find it, create your page and don’t worry about what category you put it in because it won’t matter right now.

    Once you get it setup, go into your page and where it says “category” select edit. Then select “other” as the main category and podcast as the subcategory. That’s it.


    Podcasting On the Cheap

    There is a podcaster I know (who shall remain nameless) who podcasts for “free”. Yes, of course he had to buy a microphone and a computer. I’m guessing he also pays for a connection to the internet (Although you could get that free if you want to travel to it). It is doable.

    His setup is kind of cool, but he is worried about part of his system. That part…. FEEDBURNER (we don’t talk about that enough :) ) He uses blogger for his webpage and runs 3 podcasts off of it. The problem is that Blogger (also owned by the RSS Hating Google) doesn’t have a podcast compliant feed. He stores his files on and puts them in the feed at blogger and uses feedburner to add the tags needed to podcast correctly. Feedburner still does that correctly (for now). So, he is (mostly) podcasting for free. It is possible.

    Another new friend of mine, Stan, Podcasts cheaply using Buzzsprout. He’s on the $12 per month plan. But thats all he has to pay. He can upload 3 hours of podcasts per month for that (they charge by the hour, not filesize) He uses the buzzsprout page as his website and to generate his feed. Yes, there are problems with that setup, as with the friend on blogger, but it works. His podcast is #1 in his niche! All this from buzzsprout which is a service that most will poo poo (including me). BUT, It can be done. (Check out stan’s podcast about the App CyberDust here: ) There are “other” reasons why you don’t want to use buzzsprout but I won’t get into that here.

    I guess what I’m getting at is, a lot of us “Gurus” get wrapped up in how to set things up using the “best” way we know for growth and future proofing your brand and your system. The point is, that isn’t necessary in all cases. What I teach here is for the Advanced Amateur podcaster or for the beginning professional podcaster. If you use my methods, your podcast can grow to unbelievable size and you won’t have to change any of the technology. That being said, what I teach here is certainly NOT the only way. I’m learning that it might be good to help people at all levels of expertise and budget levels. (I still think feedburner is a bad idea) When you really get down to it, Content Rules!


    Blubrry Tip of the Week – Getting support

    When requesting help with something. PLEASE include the login email for your account at We do not need your password.

    Include your Feed address, your website address and your iTunes listing address if that is what you are asking about. It would save several emails back and forth on the email system or it would save time in the forum to answer your question.

    Blubrry, unlike other platforms, leaves a lot of the setup to you, so YOU own it. We don’t control your feed so we can’t fix it. BUT if you give us the feed address, we can help YOU troubleshoot it.

    IF you are a paying customer of Blubrry, we will provide email support. Otherwise, if you are using the free products, please use the forum. The forum is also a good place to ask general podcast questions. It doesn’t have to be blubrry related. The forum can be found at and (soon) you will be required to have a free account at to sign in.

    We are working on the forum and the ticket system so that a lot of those questions will be required but it’s still good advice for any customer support situation.

    The Company I work for just hired another person for our social media support. So you can also ask The Company I work for specific questions in the facebook and google plus groups and someone will get to you as soon as we can.

    One other word of advice when you are asking for support from any service you might get free or pay for. Saying “As Soon As Possible” out loud doesn’t sound bad. Even typing it out it doesn’t look too bad. BUT, when you put ASAP in a support request, it looks like you are being very demanding. I don’t do this, but I know of some that do (not at The Company I work for ). When they see ASAP, it automatically puts that inquiry on a 4 hour wait. Just be aware there is a human at the other end of the email, in most cases.

    A lot of this stuff isn’t as user friendly as we would like it to be. Don’t be “that guy” (or gal) that acts like an a**hole to the support people.


    Twitter and

    I’ve also added a new Twitter account. @podcasthelpdesk and a newpaper at: called The PHD Podcasting News. In there I’ve populated it with podcast related twitter accounts so you should see some great articles about podcasting or at least from popular podcasters and podcast gurus.

    While I’m at it, check out the facebook page here; Check out my new Facebook Page


    Podcasting from Scratch
    Starting next week I am starting a new segment which I will put at the end of the episodes. Podcasting from Scratch. I’m going to go through step by step how to get started in podcasting.

    I’m also going to put this segment out as it’s own feed (more on that next week) This will take you from zero to a fully ready to go podcast website that you can plugin your great content and go! I will update these separate episodes as things change or I find a better way to do it.


    Music for this episode was by Todd Taylor, the banjo man.. Guinness world record fastest banjo player in the world.

    Todd Taylor on Wikipedia
    Todd’s Homepage


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    Dynamic vs. Condenser Mics, Category Podcasting, Bad iTunes Reviews – PHD039


    Change of schedule

    It seems life and other work requirements are getting in the way of my normal Sunday and Monday recording times so I’m going to switch it up to Record / Release the podcast on Tuesdays for now. Not that it matters too much, but I want to keep you in the loop.


    Follow up from my favorite snow covered mailman, Abner from Boston.


    Android podcast listening

    Question for you, my listeners… Do you use Android to listen to podcasts? What software do you use (podcatcher)?

    I gave my last remaining android device to my Nephew at Christmas time. I don’t really see a NEED for me to have one.


    Dynamic v.s. Condenser Microphone?

    On facebook there was someone asking about microphones (isn’t there always?). There was one guy that was insisting that dynamic mics pick up more noise and that his condenser mic didn’t. I was saying he has that backwards. He couldn’t be convinced. So I’m going to demo the difference here.

    The first was a condenser mic (actually 2 of them on my R-05 recorder)


    Podcast Channels vs podcast category podcasting in Powerpress

    Voicemail from Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting.

    Podcast Channels – Good for a second podcast feed on the same wordpress site. Also good if you do Video and Audio. You can have an audio channel and a video channel feed. Much more robust than Category Podcasting. Less room for error. Also the BEST way to add a second podcast to your site after you have established a podcast on the default channel.

    Category Podcasting – not a fan. You can run more than 1 podcast from one wordpress blog with categories. Not needed if you only have 1 podcast on your site. Will not work if you want to keep your default podcast feed and want to add a show. All shows will go out via the default feed no matter which category you have them in. You can still use channels with categories. Just use your category to organize your posts and the channels for your rss feeds.


    Question from Shannon

    Question: Transitioned to a new website, and trying to change the URL that our podcast pulls from. It comes from our old site but I can’t find a place to update it to the new platform – currently using Soundcloud for files. help!

    Answer: It totally depends on what feed you submitted itunes and all the other directories. If you sent them soundcloud’s RSS feed, then you would need to contact them to forward your RSS feed to your new website’s RSS feed. If you just moved from one wordpress site to another. then you can do a 301 redirect of your old RSS feed to your new RSS feed.


    Blubrry Tip of the week

    Post Type Podcasting? – What is it good for?

    Post type podcasting is something relatively new to powerpress. What post types are is a little hard to explain but here I go.

    If you look at your wordpress dashboard’s sidebar, you see where it says “pages” and where it says “posts” Well, in way, the “posts” are a post type. So in theory, you can add a post type (using a plugin that adds these) so it would say something like. Pages, Posts and another one with say “Shows” (don’t use podcast because of the slug problem). So when you want to post a show, you would make a new post in the shows area instead of the Posts area. This posts area would have a feed for the text of the posts similar to your site feed in wordpress for posts. Powerpress would add podcasting and a podcast only feed.

    I’m just beginning to experiment with this feature so I don’t have all the answers yet, but it has some interesting uses (I think). I will report back when I’ve played with it more.


    Bad iTunes reviews?

    Ok. My normal advice is to not even acknowledge bad reviews if they are not constructive or helpful. I have no problem with people calling me out on something I said that is wrong, or for some other thing that they genuinely don’t like. But I got a review that was just one of those “no duh?” moments.

    The guy (I’m assuming it was a guy) said that my podcast was more opinion than fact. NO S#$% sherlock. I just want to say for the record, this podcast as long as everything else I write on Facebook, G+, Twitter on my blog or anywhere else is MY OPINION. I’m am the number 1 expert on my opinion and that’s what I give you here.

    And, if anyone thinks I have a bias, it’s true. I’ve said that 1000’s of times. Even though I am part of the Blubrry and RawVoice support team, the advice given here is my educated opinion based on 10 years of podcasting and my 20+ years in TV and Radio Broadcasting and is given freely and without regard to my relationship to any podcasting host or service and would be the same if I didn’t have that relationship.


    Use the promo code “nobs” for a free month of podcast hosting at any level at

    The promo code also works for blubrry premium

    Blubrry Media Hosting statistics 1 month free by using the promo code nobs.

    Going Deep into theTechnology of Podcasting