Do You Need A Website For Your Podcast? – phd089

I’m back after taking the summer mostly off and I have a lot of news in this episode along with some things to think about when you are doing your website for your podcast.


IAB Podcast measurement guidelines released

Overcast Ads? podcastdaybadge-125x125

Patreon Launches Private Feeds

International Podcast Day

IPD Gratitude Awards


Website website website! Do you need a website for your podcast? YES!! Here is why:

  • 1. Google – People can’t find you on Google or Bing if you don’t have a website.
  • 2. Having a central place to find your show and you is essential if your podcast hosting service of choice goes down or you want to move.
  • 3. It’s just cool to be able to make the site look the way you want it to rather than how the podcast host’s listing looks.
  • 4. Own your own brand. It’s important to have your own domain that is your brand for your podcast. Using someone else’s brand to promote your show, promotes them, not you.
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    Blubrry Tip of the Week

    Blubrry Listings are not automatically populated from your Blubrry hosting account. Follow the video below to make sure your listing is in Blubrry.com’s directory:


    Bad advice PowerPress vs. Locked in services

    It’s just RSS. That is all you need. iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Tunein Radio and all the podcast apps are using RSS, Not RSS + something magic that only company X can give you to list your podcast. Locked in services want you to use their RSS feed instead of your own RSS feed because it’s easier for them to support their own system and it gives them exposure by having THEIR domain name in your feed address and on THEIR player. With PowerPress, the RSS feed is the RSS feed that everyone looks at and it has YOUR domain in it (if you choose). It works for Google Play, Itunes and every other podcast app that allows independent podcasts in it.

    Playlist for Beginner Series

    Podcast Movement 16 and Podcast2Radio with Rae Palermo – PHD088

    Subscribe in Pocket Casts

    Today I recap Podcast Movement 2016 in Chicago.
    raeI also talked with Rae Palermo from Strawberry Hill Prodcutions and Podcast2Radio.

    I’ll be back around the middle of September with a full episode and will resume my weekly schedule.

    iTunes Slow To Update Podcast Listings and More News – PHD087

    Tunes Listings for Podcasts are updating slowly

    It’s a known problem at apple. They are having issues keeping listings updated. They know about it and are working on it.

    The iTunes store listing and what appears in your feed are two different things. People that subscribe to your feed in iTunes will get the new episodes as you post them but the listing at iTunes can lag by a few days (or up to a week or so) behind your feed. This is normal.

    People get the wrong impression that your RSS feed PUSiHES to iTunes. It does not. iTunes (when it sees fit) PULLS your feed. It asks for your feed when it gets around to it and PULLS your feed to update your listing. Your subscribers (even in iTunes) subscribe to your feed and after that never really touch iTunes (the service) again. They are just subscribed to your feed directly in the iTunes software. As long as when you publish an episode, you get it if you are subscribed, everything is working. It works the same as every other directory or app.

    There is nothing we or you can do to make that faster. It takes whatever time it takes and if you want it to go faster you have to go to iTunes and refresh your feed manually.

    Deezer sells Stitcher to Midroll / E.W. Scripts

    PowerPress 7.0 is out!

    Is It A Good Idea To Put Your Podcast On Vacation? – PHD086

    gonefishingThe answer to that question is… I don’t know, but I’m going to try it for the summer.

    That’s right, Podcast Help Desk is on Vacation. I’m taking the summer *mostly* off from this podcast. Instead of trying to put out an episode every Friday during the busy, project filled summer, I’m going to just say, the episodes will come out when they come out.

    My plan is to write more on this site. Podcast news, Tips, Tricks and other tidbits. AND, I will put out some episodes as I get them done, or something really important happens that I need to talk about.

    So, is this a good idea? I don’t know, but, as I said, I’m going to give it a try for the summer.

    Stay up to date by subscribing to my text blog feed at http://podcasthelpdesk.com/feed/ in a feed reader.

    If you would like an invite to the Blubrry PowerPress webinar that I will be doing every other week, email me here at podcasthelpdesk@gmail.com or at mike@blubrry.com

    A Conversation With Shawn Thorpe – phd085

    shawnI sat down and had a great conversation with Shawn Thorpe from HyperNonsense.com, PodcasterNews.com, Shawn.mx and GeekNewsCentral.com. On top of all that, Shawn is a colleague of mine over at blubrry support.

    Follow Shawn on Twiter @shawno
    We talked about all kinds of things.

    -Web Hosting
    -Podcasting (Duh!)
    -and more podcasting 🙂


    6 things to Uncomplicate your podcasting – PHD084


    Radio Station Hijacked with Explicit Podcast Content
    2016 Podcast Awards Rules


    6 things to Uncomplicate your podcasting

    1. Organize your episode show prep
    2. Once you have your recording setup figured out check it off the list
    3. Once you have your RSS feed / website set up, check it off the list
    4. Don’t try to game the system. Just make sure you have great content and market it normally. No need to worry about things like N&N or review snapping.
    5. Once you have a workflow that works for you, stick to it.
    6. Have Fun. If it’s a struggle, you won’t want to stick to it.


    Danny Stern (no relation to Howard) and the Art Dealer Show


    Blubrry Tip

    New player is here!

    To use the new blubrry player, you have to be a blubrry hosting customer (my promo code is HELPDESK for a free month).

    For the time being, to use the player you have to do it as an embed.
    Post your episode as normal.

    Let your blubrry listing update (normally a couple of hours or less)

    Go into Podcaster Dashboard at blubrry.com and go to “manage episdoes”

    In there you will see “get embed” by the episode you want the player for.
    Copy that link

    Paste that link into your site.

    If you are using PowerPress, enable the media embed box in the basic settings. You will then have a box to paste the embed code in your podcast episode box in WordPress posts.


    I will be hosting Geek News Central on Friday April 15th. Come check me out doing someone else’s show 🙂 Should be a good time!


    New PHD Slack group

    I’m starting a listener slack group. It’s going to be kind of a free (yes free) mastermind group. I’m going to limit the number of people in it to 10 (plus me) for now. If you would be interested in joining, email me PodcastHelpDesk@gmail.com and I will send you an invite. It will be a way to interact with me and fellow podcasters that listen to my show. Should be an interesting experiment.

    Some of the Biggest Lies in Podcasting – PHD083


    Academy of Podcasters, Hall of Fame 2016 inductees

    New Media Europe in June

    People’s Choice Podcast Awards needs your help


    lierSome of the biggest lies in podcasting

    – You must have a big launch.

    – New & Noteworthy at iTunes will guarantee success in podcasting

    – You only have 8 weeks to be in N&N

    – Someone can be #1 in N&N – Daniel J. Lewis’ Article

    – You must Pay BIG BUCKS to learn how to podcast

    – You need a Heil PR40 Microphone to podcast (substitute any other Mic)

    – You don’t need a Website to podcast. Just use XXXX Hosting service instead.

    – WordPress feeds are unstable

    – You need a different feed for each different directory


    Testing a couple of new Blubrry products on PodcastHelpDesk.com

    Blubrry is now the largest independent podcast directory in the world. 300k+