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What is an RSS feed? – PHD076BS

phd300_2016blackNew Magazine about podcasting:


what is an RSS feed?

Why is it so important for a podcast?

Think of your RSS feed as your Radio Station’s Transmitter frequency.  So if you are on 97.5 FM with a radio station, that is where people tune in to hear your programing.  The RSS feed is very much like that for podcasts.  It’s where People, Apps and Podcatcher software “tune” to hear (or download) your episodes.  Without that transmitter working well, people will have a hard time hearing your Radio Station.  Without a good efficient RSS feed, your podcast will not be heard or if it is, it might not have everything needed to be found or understood by the software that needs to “hear” it to download your episodes.
The difference is with RSS vs. Transmitters,  your content on a podcast is on demand.  Sort of like a DVR for your TV, but for Radio.   

Configuring PowerPress on Your New WordPress site – PHD074BS


Today we go though the basics< of setting up PowerPress on your new WordPress website. We will go into a more in-depth tweaking of PowerPress settings in future episodes. Next time we will go into how to post your first episode. (With our without Blubrry Hosting)

Installing WordPress for Podcasting – PHD073BS


Today we go into installing WordPress on your web hosting plan. Check the sidebar for deals a Dreamhost or Bluehost for your WordPress hosting.

OR Go to and get a LINUX shared hosting plan. (no affiliate code here)

Next episode we will install and configure PowerPress

Recording Your First Episode – PHD072BS (beginner series)

phd300_2016blackFor the next 4 episodes, I’m going to give you the quick and dirty “how to get started” in podcasting.

Start from nothing and have your podcast on iTunes in 4 episodes.

Today I talk about picking your podcast topic, recording (Very basic) and some basic equipment (Microphones) info.


Audio-Technica ATR2100 – USB / XLR mic ( this is what I use for portable Podcasting)