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Rob Greenlee from Spreaker.com – PHD062

International Podcast Day

I was on WKLT in Traverse City talking about International Podcast day. I Opened for Paul Stanley of KISS 🙂

IPD was trending worldwide at #1 on Twitter for a few hours on the 30th.

Steve Lee was in the New York Times!


I will be on the Powerpress podcast (the official Blubrry podcast) next week. If you want to check out our REbooted podcast over at blubrry, check out PowerpressPodcast.com


Rob Greenlee – Head of Content at Spreaker.com
Host of Spreaker Live Show at http://spreakerliveshow.com/


Blubrry Tip of the week.

Even if you are not interested in using blubrry hosting or statistics, you should really get listed on blubrry.com’s directory. It’s easy, free and it gives you another place on the net to be found and seen.

What makes blubrry’s directory different is that they are the ONLY directory on the web that encourages you to subscribe via something other than their platform. With a blubrry listing, it encourages your listeners to subscribe to YOUR rss feed, not ours.

Bad Advice is Not Worth What You Pay For It – phd054



iTunes glitch limits LISTINGS to 20 episodes

WNYC Podcast Accelerator

More speakers for Podcast Movement

Blubrry soft-launches a new site It’s another way to subscribe to podcasts via email. Similar to the feedburner email subscription in one way, but different in another way. This one is for your listeners. They can subscribe to as many podcasts as they want via email and they will get a daily digest email with all the episodes put out that day, sent to their inbox. If no episodes come out that day, then they don’t get an email. As a podcaster, you can hit the podcasters link on the site and make your own subscribe by email button for your site. If you use powerpress, it will be added to powerpress on the next release. There will be metrics and such added later for the podcaster. Hence the “soft-launch” Check it out at http://subscribebyemail.com/


Bad Advice

I’ve had a rash of people come to me after getting very bad advice from so-called podcast Gurus. Some of the gurus are charging a TON of money for their advice. Sometime the old saying that “you get what you pay for” isn’t really true.

Examples: One such “guru” says you should ignore the Parental Rating setting in Powerpress and in Libsyn (they call it something else) This is just a bad idea. Yes, you CAN ignore it, but you should not ignore it. In the US, Canada and Brazil, there is a law called the Vchip law. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V-chip). Basically, this allows parents to block shows by their rating for anything that goes on a TV… This includes smart TV’s (apps on the TV that play podcasts for instance) and set top boxes like Roku, Apple TV, FireTV, boxie and others. If your podcast goes on one of these devices, and it’s not rated, it could be blocked, or if it’s rated G and you drop an F-bomb, you could get in trouble. It’s best to set that field for the right rating.

Another “Guru”, who we have talked about in the past, is still telling people to use Feedburner.

One of the worst pieces of advice I’ve heard in a long time is to NOT have a link to your RSS feed on your website. (REALLY???) and the best one yet is Don’t bother to have a website at all, and send all your listeners to [insert podcast hosting company site here].


Audio-Technica BPHS1 Headset Mic

I’m testing out a new microphone. The Audio-technica BPHS1 Headset mic. It’s a dynamic mic and good headphones which is normally used for sports broadcasting or broadcasting in a noisy environment.

In fact, I did the last episode using it.. Did you notice any difference from the PR40? Likely there is a bit of difference, but I think it’s acceptable for what I’m doing. And it lets me podcast standing up… I am going to also test it in the car (with one ear open for safety). I will put that in the podcast at some point.


Blubrry tip of the week

Using the PowerPress subscribe buttons with a feed not hosted on your website.

Enable podcast channels in powerpress > general settings tab
go to channels under powerpress in the wordpress sidebar
Edit the “default” channel
click on the feeds tab and where it says “Feedburner feed” (with warning) put your off site feed address in there.

Save your settings and your subscribe buttons and links will now point to that off-site feed.


Mark Whitney – Genius

A client of mine is just now getting into podcasting and he is one interesting dude. His shows may not be everyone’s cup of tea and they are not family safe, work safe but if you are into his type of humor and commentary, I think you will enjoy his podcasts. http://markwhitney.com Whitneyland. He has the best way of telling people about subscribing to a podcast.

Mark’s other podcast Bring Your Show

This podcast is likely to be Bi-weekly for the summer. No set schedule and I will TRY to do it every week. Just letting you know!

Please use my promo code HELPDESK at blubrry.com for a free month of podcast hosting or Premium statistics.
Thanks for listening.

Podcasts App problems, Feed Size Problems, Soundcloud for podcasting and a Cheap mic shootout – PHD-023

phd300_2014Apple’s “Podcasts” app on IOS crashed for almost everyone yesterday. 

Apple is going to be making the PODCASTS app, one of the default aps in IOS8! Good news for podcasters!

Soundcloud for podcasting

Why you shouldn’t use Soundcloud (or any other proprietary service) as your only point of presence for your podcast.

it’s in beta (after 3 years?!?!) I don’t trust beta.

It costs some money and it’s limited on the TOTAL uploads, not monthly like other services (like blubrry or libsyn)

They mess with your file. What you upload is not exactly what your listeners will download. (even if it is just a filename change)

If you use their RSS feed, you will have trouble keeping YOUR audience when you decide to leave.

One cool thing they do have is the player, but I’m guessing there will be players like that coming out for other services / systems soon.

Q: My latest podcast episode is not listed on iTunes and it’s been a week. What’s going on?

A: In the case of this questioner, it was their feed size was too big.

Here are some ways to make the feed size smaller:
1. Reduce the number of episodes in the feed
2. Write less text in your posts for podcast episodes
3. In powerpress, turn on “Feed maximizer”

I know most people want to have EVERY episode in the feed, but in most cases it’s not needed.

Q: If I’m going to add a digital recorder to my audio chain, why not use one of the cheap recorders like the Zoom H1 for $99?

A: There is no reason not to use the h1. But, look at the recorder specs of any other cheap recorders and make sure it has 2 things.
1. Line level input
2. Records in Stereo in .wav format (uncompressed)
Recording to mp3 can cause quality problems. Even on the more expensive recorders. The Zoom H1 would be a great little studio recorder for backup or even the main recording.

R-05 for $199

Q: What is the best Microphone for me?

A: I get this one a LOT! It depends on your voice, your studio, your budget and your preferences. We talk about this a lot and we podcasters (most of us) are gear heads. If your budget allows, try a bunch of mics.. you can always trade, sell them later.

I’m going to test 2 inexpensive mics here. You tell me if you think it was worth the $300 for my PR40 (other than it looks really cool).

The first one I’m going to test is the $59.99 ATR2100 from Audio-Technica

The other one is even cheaper!

The $24.99 Behringer XM8500  The cheap mic 🙂   Love it anyway.

As you can see, you can go as cheap or as expensive as you need and still do a great job of podcasting with good audio.. No excuses for crappy audio 🙂

Heil PR40 – $327.00 – my Old standby

Use the promo code “nobs” for a free month of podcast hosting at any level at blubrry.com

The promo code also works for blubrry premiumBlubrry Media Hosting statistics 1 month free by using the promo code nobs.

iTunes Revisited – PHD014

phd300_2014This is show # 14 for April 11th, 2014… iTunes Revisited

Here we go again!

I get a TON of iTunes related questions so I’m going to revisit what iTunes is when it comes to podcasting. How to get your show listed. How to KEEP your show listed. How to make your listing say what you want it to and other issues with the #1 place people find and listen to your podcast.

Q. I uploaded my latest episode today and it’s not in iTunes.

A. The iTunes store listing and what appears in your feed are two different things. People that subscribe to your feed in iTunes will get the new episodes as you post them but the listing at iTunes can lag by a few days (or up to a week or so) behind your feed. There is no way to automatically tell iTunes that your feed is updated since they have removed their ping podcast feature. If you think there is a problem at iTunes please contact Apple Support at podcasts@apple.com

Q. How do I get my podcast to show up under XXX keyword in search on iTunes?

A. SEO on iTunes is a bit of a mystery, but, as near as I can tell, it works about the same as Google SEO but you have to wait longer for it to improve. Also, Apple gives more weight to shows that get a lot of subscribers. The best I can tell you is be patient and make your show title and description keyword rich like you would for google and bing.

Q. When I upload my episode to itunes……

A. No you didn’t! Stop it! … You do not UPLOAD to itunes. It is done by your RSS feed. You upload you show to your media host and you make a post on your website (if you do it the way I suggest) and your RSS feed, feeds iTunes and all the subscribers using iTunes.


Q. My show description / image / host name/ etc… won’t change. I changed it 2 weeks ago and it’s still the same as it was.

A. Apple takes it sweet time updating things like show information, Cover Art and Host info. Be patient. I’ve see it take up to 3 weeks to update things. On the other hand, I’ve seen it take less than 3 hours in the case of Podcast Help Desk a couple of weeks ago. As long as your feed looks right, iTunes will update. It does seem that putting out a new episode will help speed up the process. Also, the more consistent you are, the quicker it will update things like that including your next episode.

Q. Can I track how many people are subscribed in itunes?

A. No, not really. You can not really track “subscribers” to your RSS feed or in itunes. You can, however, with Blubrry and Libsyn stats, figure out a rough guess. The more important stat is downloads. I will have another show focusing on stats soon, but the answer to the question is no..

This show brought to you by Blubrry.com Media Hosting….

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That will do it for this session. The Podcast Helpdesk is now closed until next week.

If you would like me to answer your question, please email your question to podcasthelpdesk@gmail.com or use the speakpipe “Leave a voice comment” tab on the website. You can also tweet your question using the hashtag #podcasthelpdesk.

I’m Mike Dell. Catch me next time!